David K. Udall
Career Chronology

1851 Born September 7 in St. Louis, Missouri, first child of David Udall and Eliza King Udall, English immigrants.

1852-1878 Grew up in Nephi, Juab County, Utah. As a boy he herded cattle, grubbed sage brush, hauled timber from Mount Nebo and aided his father in providing for his large family.

1857 Ordained to LDS Church group of seventy Elders

1875 February 1, married Eliza (Ella) Luella Stewart, eventually had eleven children.

1875-1877 Performed Mormon missionary work in Great Britain

1877 Placed in charge of a company of 250 converts who were emigrating to Utah.

1878 Moved to Kanab, Utah and went into the farming, livestock, and mercantile business with his two brothers-in laws.

1880 Arrived in St. Johns, Arizona as the first bishop of the Mormon Church. He built one of the first houses on the new townsite

1881-1885 Served a president and manager of a mercantile institution in St. Johns.

1882 Married Ida Frances, his plural wife

1884 Indicted David Udall and five other prominent Latter-day Saints for the Little Colorado Settlement for violating the Edmunds Act, charging them with polygamy and unlawful cohabitation. Only David escaped conviction because his second wife went into hiding and found not be located to testify against him.

1885 Convicted on a charge of perjury in connection with Miles P. Romney land claim. Sentenced to three years imprisonment in the House of Corrections in Detroit. Pardoned four months later by president Grover Cleveland, The pardon stated that the action against David Udall was taken through a misconception of the law and further that there was no willful or corrupt intend on David’s part.

1887-1922 Appointed president of the St. Johns Stake which includes part of eastern Arizona and three towns in New Mexico.

1889 Purchased a large farm with a grist mill, powered by water, located in Eagar on the banks of the Little Colorado River. The farmers brought their wheat to have it processed into flour and other products.

1898 Elected as a Republican to the Legislative Council, Twentieth Arizona Territorial Legislature from Apache County.

1899 Leader in establishing the St. Johns Stake Academy which was dedicated in 1900. The only high facilities in Apache County until 1921.

1912 Organized the Nebo Electric Light and Power Company with the expert assistance of John P. Rothlisbergeer.

1913 Assisted with the building of Lyman Dam twelve miles south of St. John. This lead to the reparation of several thousands of acres of virgin land located west of St. Johns.

1922 Ordained a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

1927 Selected as the first President of the Arizona Temple in Mesa.

1938 Died at the age of 83

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Prepared by Karen Meyers, November 1999.