Portrait of David King Udall Frontispiece
David Udall and His Four Children  13
Ella as a Bride 16
Missionary Picture David King Udall (1875)  20
Missionary Picture David King Udall--London (1877)  46
First Home in St. Johns  70
Photostatic Copy of Barth-Tenney Contract  75
Picture of Assembly Hall, St. Johns  87
Joseph and Emma Udall Wedding Picture  91
Portrait of Miss Ida Frances Hunt  98
Portrait of David King Udall (1885)  129
Photostatic Copy of Presidential Pardon  144-145
St. Johns Stake Academy  153
Meeting of the Mail Carts  161
The Udall Brothers Grist Mill  162
Udall Home in St. Johns (1912)  177
Picture of Reservoir Building  185
Brigham Young Wagon  195
Golden Wedding Anniversary Picture of David K. and Ella Udall  207
Picture of Baptismal Font in Arizona Temple  218
Group Pictures Taken in Arizona's White Mountains  241-242
Portrait of Ella Udall  247
David, Ella and Their Children  252
Portrait of Pearl Udall Nelson  253
Portrait of Erma Udall Sherwood  254
Portrait of Luella Udall Pace  255
Portrait of David K. Udall, Jr.  256
Portrait of Levi Stewart Udall  257
Portrait of Ida Hunt Udall  260
Portrait of Ida and David K. Udall  263
Portrait of Ida Udall and Family  265
Portrait of Pauline Udall Smith  268
Portrait of Grover Cleveland Udall  269
Portrait of John Hunt Udall  270
Portrait of Jesse Addison Udall  271
Portrait of Gilbert Douglas Udall  272
Portrait of Don Taylor Udall  273
Portrait of Grandfather David Udall  275
Picture of Joseph and Emma Udall and Family  288
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Arizona Pioneer Mormon:
David King Udall: His Story and His Family, 1851 - 1938

Published by Arizona Silhouettes
Tucson, Arizona