Source: USHMM Archives # 01622

"Where one burns books, one will soon burn people."
--Heinrich Heine


dot Introduction

dot Timeline
A list of the 1930-1939 events in Germany, with emphasis on the growing repression of political dissent, writers, libraries, education and publishers.

dot Lists of Banned Books, 1932-1939
Nazi blacklists and literary manifestos, in German and English.

dot Speeches May 10, 1933
Text of Goebbel's speech and the Feuersprüche chants, in German and English.

dot Source materials
A bibliography of source materials used for the exhibit.

dot List of "proscribed" books in University of Arizona Library
The results of an attempt to document editions of "proscribed" books currently on the shelves of the University of Arizona Library. The list is limited to editions 1939 or earlier.

dot Instructional Ideas for Teachers
Six curriculum ideas for a range of age and sophistication levels, roughly 5th through 12th grade.

dot About this exhibit

An exhibit sponsored by the University of Arizona Library  

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